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About Marlon

Marlon Mueller grew up on an Iowa family farm to became the fourth-generation crop and livestock farmer. It was during the farm crisis and extended family estate disputes that led him to begin the 35 plus year journey to gain knowledge about wealth and legacy planning.

Today, Marlon is an investor, speaker, author, coach and ambassador with Servio Capital and Philanthroinvestors. His other experiences include modeling, real estate and syndication, banking with life insurance, and raising capital. He coaches people on strategies to become financially independent and to create generational wealth.

Marlon and his wife, Nancy, have been married 38 years and they have two grown sons.

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turning points

In the second volume of Turning Points, successful entrepreneurs explore how the difficult times in our lives can transform our outlook and elevate the way we do business. Each author looks at a defining moment in their life that has transformed the very core of their business. By reading the stories of these inspiring authors, you’ll discover the secret to elevating your career and increasing your profits with a heart-forward approach.

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For this book, I’ve joined forces with some fantastic individuals and couples to give our best marriage advice to couples planning to get married or have been married.

Almost 200 years of marriage wisdom are packed into this book’s pages. It will be an excellent resource for couples who want to discover insights and knowledge for a long marriage

My chapter is on legacy planning.

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